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The fantastic private villa, Rancho State Lot 5, in Punta Mita, Mexico, which was designed by Joaquín Homs and equipped by Point, is a finalist in the SBID Awards 2019. Year: 2019 Location: Punta Mita, Mexico Collections: Hamp, U, Golf, Lineal Designers: Francesc Rifé, Gabriel Teixidó, Alfonso Gallego
Uma coleção muito completa, com uma variedade imensa de peças que se adaptam a qualquer espaço. Uma das variações é a cama de exterior, uma solução cada vez mais procurada e ideal para relaxar nojardim ou junto à piscina. Até ao final do mês de Maio tem um desconto de 25% sob o preço de tabela, para mais informações e para receber o catálogo contacte-nos.

Natural materials processed with traditional techniques, decorations inspired by the matter itself, transparencies and metallic effects: these are the new elements presented by Paola Lenti for her new tabletops collection. Venice is the modern interpretation of an ancient material, recyclable and humidity-resistant. The delicate surface irregularities and colour variations, which are due to the reaction of the pigments during the different processing stages , make a tabletop from Venice unique...
In 2016, the Cala chair established a new design language for Kettal that combines large natural curves with a latticed rope weave creating a majestic spatial presence with transparent and light surfaces. The idea evolved and Doshi Levien created additional pieces to make a collection including a dining chair, a series of tables and low foot stools.

Rocking lounge armchair with teak base and powder-coated steel frame with C5M protective treatment, which makes it suitable for marine and pool areas. Available with two cushions options: either two small quilted pillows, one for sitting, one for the back, or one removable bi-colour cushion. A seat that allows the body’s total rest during outdoor relaxing moments.
Ethimo will showcase the Allaperto Collection, design by Matteo Thun + Antonio Rodriguez. Four different outfits, one soul. From “Mountain” to “Grand Hotel”, from “Camping Chic” to “Urban” Allaperto just changes its look, not its essence.

With its spacious seating, Cascade forms the perfect lounge chair. Finished with an intriguing mix of powder coated aluminium and thick woven rope, the Cascade 1-seater and 2/3-seater sofas ooze style and comfort. By the poolside or on the terrace, the Cascade collection offers a luxurious seating experience for relaxing days and cosy nights. Lava and anthracite or white and silver? Both combinations team perfectly with Cascade's decorative cushions.
Following the successful Kumo collection of last year, designer Lionel Doyen joins MANUTTI once more with the launch of the San collection and Vitral side table.

One of BRIXX’s defining characteristics is a diagonal groove that runs across The fabric of each module, introducing triangles to the rectilinear design. The groove is created by sewing two pieces of fabric to a third one underneath, leaving a small gap in between. As users combine modules, they can construct abstract geometrical landscapes all their own, an effect Bozzoli has enhanced with optional triangular and cylindrical backrests, circular and square cushions, even a small spherical...
The new Esedra oval dining table is the winner of the Wallpaper Design Awards 2017 in “Best garden party”.

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