Molten Rock, Ceramic, Glass. New Experiments by Paola Lenti

Natural materials processed with traditional techniques, decorations inspired by the matter itself, transparencies and metallic effects: these are the new elements presented by Paola Lenti for her new tabletops collection.

Venice is the modern interpretation of an ancient material, recyclable and humidity-resistant. The delicate surface irregularities and colour variations, which are due to the reaction of the pigments during the different processing stages , make a tabletop from Venice unique and uncopyable.

Luce is a strong material, substantial and easy to maintain. Molten rock plates are enamelled by hand: the colour remains transparent and bright and this allows to notice the porosity and imperfections of the stone among the different shades

Large abstract drawings, metallic oxidised colours, intense changing shades: the ceramic surfaces’ decorations come from the experimentation of new techniques and from the artist’s personal research, combining and mixing powders, minerals and pigments for an unusual chromatic result. (via archiproducts)