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Upholstery materials for seating, paneling systems and complements have always played a key role in the evolution of Paola Lenti collections. All indoor and outdoor fabrics, designed and produced on an exclusivity basis, are combined with versatile and flexible textile structures, like Chain and Chain Outdoor. These materials are hand woven to create the wide range of textures, which make each product distinct and unique.
Há cada vez uma maior oferta de tapetes no mercado que são para uso no exterior, são fabricado em polipropileno ou tecido vinil. São de fibras sintéticas, duradouros, resistentes às manchas e de fácil limpeza. Resistem à chuva, ao sol, à neve e à sujidade. É um elemento bastante desejado para zonas de estar no jardim ou terraço, ajuda a recriar um ambiente mais aconchegante mimificando o que fazemos no interior nas salas-de-estar. À claro que coloque tapetes fabricados noutros...

One of BRIXX’s defining characteristics is a diagonal groove that runs across The fabric of each module, introducing triangles to the rectilinear design. The groove is created by sewing two pieces of fabric to a third one underneath, leaving a small gap in between. As users combine modules, they can construct abstract geometrical landscapes all their own, an effect Bozzoli has enhanced with optional triangular and cylindrical backrests, circular and square cushions, even a small spherical...
SP01's Outdoor Collection é uma colecção de mobiliário para o exterior elegante composta por uma série de cadeiras, mesas e bancos projetados pelo designer Australiano Tom Fereday. ENSP01's Outdoor Collection is an elegant series of chairs, tables and stools designed by Australian designer Tom Fereday. Made in Italy by leading manufacturers, the range was designed and tested to withstand the toughest of environments.

Three products, one common purpose: make the outdoor spaces comfortable and versatile in a balanced way. A new modern collection of minimal design and pastel colours, charming and functional at the same time. Both the modular sofa BELT and the upholstered chairs IN & OUT have a framework in solid okumé wood and are equipped with dryfeel foams, which guarantee the water drainage and perspiration. Using acrylic and waterproof fabrics, the new Varaschin products are the best choice to furnish...
Siga-nos no Pinterest e inspire-se com imagens de decoração, jardins, revestimentos, materiais, acessórios etc. divididos por álbuns para uma consulta mais imediata.

The most important trend in the interiors world: There is no longer a right or wrong. Not only life is contradictory - our apartments are too! Leather is placed next to plastic, reduced design next to nostalgic vintage items, cool grey and white tones in the living room next to a pastel-coloured kitchen and a dark-green bedroom. Everything exists next to each other. And yet certain trends are becoming apparent in the run-up to imm cologne 2017 that are dominant in their respective section. Why...
A BACSAC® creation, multi-coloured canvas made from leftover coloured threads. The RAINBOW collection is the fruit of the re-cycling of these threads, woven into fine horizontal bands. The assembling of the colours of the weft being random, each RAINBOW is a unique piece which naturally blends into the existing collection. This new BACSAC* collection will have you dreaming of rainbows!

Na secção de catálogos AQUI já pode fazer o download das novas colecções apresentadas por algumas das mais prestigiadas marcas de mobiliário e decoração de exteriores do mundo. Consulte-nos para saber mais sobre alguma peça que goste ou se se enquadra no seu jardim ou terraço.
Em 2017 ofereça a si mesmo um jardim, terraço ou varanda. Comece 2017 a pensar no seu jardim e de como aproveitá-lo da melhor forma possível. A potencialidade dos espaços exteriores em Portugal é enorme por isso aproveite todos os espaços da sua casa da mesma forma. Consulte-nos para receber um orçamento para o projecto do seu espaço exterior.

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