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Catálogo Point 1920
Uma marca Espanhola de excelente qualidade e com garantia.
From the use of rattan at the very beginning to the use of new materials later on, our path has been intertwined with design. We fully support professional Spanish and international designers who have created products which bring together beauty, elegance, luxury, and innovation.
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Diphano 2020
From the smallest terrace to the largest sundeck:
Diphano transforms every space into a haven of relaxation and elegant wellbeing, providing ample room for your personal touch. As a young and vibrant outdoor furniture manufacturer for both the residential and project market, we combine international expertise with an unmatched level of local service.

Ready to make the most of your outdoor space?
We invite you to discover, create & enjoy.
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Garden Art
GARDENART is manufacturer of high-end outdoor furniture with production base in south China. Ever since establishment, Gardenart has grown steadily and built up the reputation for providing contemporary design furniture in high quality standard and reasonable pricing, featured as affordable luxury. Gardenart concerns itself with the latest trend in the market and bringing innovative design has become core competence of the company.
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Bover Light
Bover is produced entirely in Barcelona, exercising full control over its production chain and as a result is able to ensure excellent quality and appropriate delivery terms to meet market needs. Another distinguishing factor of the BOVER collection is the “BIG FORMATS”; large-scale products, designed for large spaces that offer a high degree of comfort and lighting performance without sacrificing good technical perks that facilitate lights’ maintenance; essential features for adapting to contract projects.
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Gloster furniture
At Gloster we open doors to timelessly beautiful exteriors where your furniture sets the mood, just the way you want it to be. And we take the long view, using only the very best materials and techniques available. Our aim is your pleasure – to be enjoyed in countless special moments outdoors.
CATÁLOGO 2019.pdf
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Manutti furniture
The decades-long success of Manutti has been undoubtedly influenced by the experience, intuition and vision of our founder, CEO Stephane De Winter. From a very early age through the career of his father – who owned a flax processing company –, Stephane was exposed to the beauty and diversity of materials, fabrics and fibres.
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Dedon furniture
30 years is not a long time in most businesses. In ours, though, it’s practically forever.That’s because, simply put, there was no woven outdoor furniture industry before DEDON came along.

The first to weave synthetic fiber into luxury outdoor designs, the first to place an absolute premium on quality, the first to become a truly global brand setting the standard for woven outdoor furniture since its founding in 1990.
DEDON Catálogo 2019.pdf
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Roolf Living
Furnishing that is appealing to the eye: that is what we aim to achieve. At ROOLF-Living we derive our inspiration from artistic and stylish images. This is why we are continually in search of genuine pearls from the fascinating world of design, architecture and interior decorating. Here are a few images that have inspired us in the past.
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The Fatboy original, created by Finnish Jukka Setälä for the Dutch market, is the first conception of the bean bag as we know it today. Next to the high quality and durability of its covers and processing, it is the filling of the Fatboy bean bag chair that makes all the difference: high-grade, especially fine styrofoam pellets perfectly adapt to the body, offer sufficient stability, and are very lightweight and even have a warming effect. After only 10 years since its appearance, the original Fatboy bean bag chair has reached an iconic status. Sympathetic, timeless, unique, comfortable, and always in a new outfit, a Fatboy bean bag chair turns every dry room into an inviting lounge area. Alare offers Fatboy’s wide range of colourful bean bags, comfortable loungers, magical hammocks, and super-relaxed dog beds. Both designed for convenience and joyful eyes, made for relaxing and enjoying the comforts of life.
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Weber churrascos
Weber believes that there’s a grill for everyone. It answers to the needs of gas, charcoal or electric grills that last for more than a lifetime, and that’s exactly why we choose this brand in Alaire.
Whether you’re a self-proclaimed grill master, first-time griller, or making a transition from charcoal to gas, we’ve got you covered. Choose from our array of charcoal, gas, and electric grills at the store. Embrace the barbecue lifestyle with the bests Weber BBQ grills.
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