Fermob apresenta novas iluminações para o jardim

Balad, DESIGN de Tristan LOHNER

Fermob brings even more functionality to the outdoors and continues to focus on other aspects of the garden, this time with a new light. The Balad lamp is a fun, accessible and colourful product. It is a modern, connected item, a crisp decorative object, with a rounded form. It is all about the bare essentials, and is a sure-fire hit in terms of look and price.


Its colourful aluminium handle adds to its sleek, modern appearance and reaffirms its portable vocation. Balad can be placed upright, hung or even on a stand. Tristan Lohner has created two separate metal stands to further enhance the practical qualities of the lamp. The first is a straight, lantern-style stand that can be placed next to an armchair, while the second is a large, angled stand that can be used to illuminate an entire table.