New : wooden screen block by KIT-KURLY

KIT KURLY is a new concept for space separation which is a perfect decoration piece while creating a latticed wooden screen.

KIT KURLY is made to be a filter which, thanks to its curved shape splits the vision in a particular way: the solid forms and hallows created by the space and depth between the vertical slats are seen in an irregular way.

The space available behind the wooden screen becomes more animated. From certain angles, it disappears or comes more visible, depending on the eye position. 

KIT KULRY can be used outdoors or indoors depending on the type of wood chosen. It makes an elegant, light and modular fence or screen corresponding to Zen architecture, favoring an easy integration in its environment while facilitating movement in both living and working spaces.

KIT KURLY is the answer to your wish to create straight or curved screens in all spaces in your home, garden or office.