Aproveite a vida em sua pérgola no inverno também: descobra o sistema de aquecimento inteligente da Gibus 

Agora pode confortavelmente desfrutar da sua pérgola Gibus também no inverno, com os sistemas de aquecimento inteligentes, ao fechar os painéis de janela GIBUS ou os laterais práticos pode uma sala aquecida que pode ser perfeitamente utilizada durante o inverno. Os aquecedore Platinum e Tungsten 4000W são capazes de satisfazer qualquer necessidade funcional e estética, e são perfeitos para aquecer qualquer espaço. Ambos os sistemas são capazes de suportar o vento e corrosão.

Platinum Smart-Heat is a refined accessory to complete your Place under the Sun which, with a black radiating surface it gives excellent performance levels with a gentle heat flow that is activated by user friendly controls on a single switch. It can be installed on the wall or ceiling and turned in any direction you wish.  The innovative essential lines make it extremely versatile and able to fit into any setting where, with style and class, it gives off warm comforting heat.

Tungsten 4000W is our electric infrared heater with radiating surfaces. A smart heating unit that can be installed on the wall or ceiling with a simple touch switch to activate it. The heat intensity can be regulated and pointed in any direction, and moreover it is ideal for use both inside and outside. To enjoy life in your private outdoor areas, or to welcome guests to your restaurant, conversation corners, bars or outdoor lounge bars during the winter as well, trust our state of the art radiating systems.