Garden design & decoração de exteriores

O atelier CatarinaGDesigns está vocacionado para o design e decoração de espaços verdes exteriores e interiores.

CatarinaGDesigns is a garden design practice dedicated to the design and decoration of exterior and interior landscapes.

El estudio CatarinaGDesigns dedicada al diseño y la decoración de los espacios verdes, exterior y el interior.


MARINE Inox pools

Pools can have skimmer flow system, full overflow, endless or custom filtration. 

Stainless steel panels are easy to assembly to any location of the world - in the ground, above the ground or at any high building.

Pools are produced from stainless steel panels, are freestanding and can be assembled anywhere, where the customer needs.

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Plisplas by Beatriz Sempere for Calma

Plis plas, a creative and funcional objetive... surround you with a simple fold.

Calma, the spanish furniture designer team worked hard over the winter, so they can present us with a vide range of outdoor furniture this summer. „We want to make it easy for you to enjoy some sun and relax, a good companion or the pleasure of the contemplation.“ The Designers love outdoors – and you can feel, that they belong there when you see and use their furniture.

It’s not only chairs, loungers, tables and relaxing sofas they present this summer. They put lots of thought, passion and teamwork in their objects. One of the very different, because very individual objects is Plis Plas.

Plis Plas is a creative and functional object. A 3mm flat PE board becomes a seat simply by folding it. Calma provides a range of cuts and designs to choose from, but they also give you the opportunity to design your own pattern, print pictures and logos on it and also make up your own shape. There is no limit for imagination.

The folded PE seat can be covered by vinyl to be used outdoors. The frame is made out of Bichromated and lacquered steel bars and helps to show the lightnes of the Plis Plas chair.

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