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A BACSAC® creation, multi-coloured canvas made from leftover coloured threads. The RAINBOW collection is the fruit of the re-cycling of these threads, woven into fine horizontal bands. The assembling of the colours of the weft being random, each RAINBOW is a unique piece which naturally blends into the existing collection. This new BACSAC* collection will have you dreaming of rainbows!

Biophilia is a collaboration-project with the ceramic manufacturer Zol Art in Sweden and was initiated for the exhibition “The New Map”. All items are manufactured by Zol Art and the project operates on a business model that shares profits 50/50 between the designer and the producer. The collection consists of four organically shaped ceramic vessels, each symbolising a step in a plant’s growing process. Due to their decreasing width, each of the vessels can be stacked inside one another,...
A makeover of the traditional planter, taken through the prism of graphic style, the Basket nevertheless turns out to be eminently practical. Though poetic in its approach, its water discharge system ensures the Basket keeps its feet on the ground ... not to mention that it can be a smart alternative to conventional terrace separators. Dimensions : - Width : 70 cm - Depth : 34 cm - Height : 84 cm Weight : 12,5 kg 3-year guarantee INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE : • Put plants in the trays, leaving them...