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Treliças espectaculares da Flora disponíveis em três tamanhos para combinações criativas, a própria estrutura torna-se num elementos escultural. Contacte-nos para preços e mais informações sobre entregas e aplicação. Disponível em preto ou cinzento claro.
Numerous new growing accessories are on show, ranging from micro-grow light gardens and portable greenhouses to novel garden netting designs, plant supports, link stakes and garden arches. Among the revolutionary watering accessories are a mobile telephone operated control system, a daylight sensored water controller and a weather responsive system. There are new lightweight and multi-purpose hand tools, outdoor clocks, garden storage buildings, patio brooms and barbecue accessories. Items to...

The Flindt bollard is fitted with two LED light sources (approx. 585 lumens) positioned at the top of the light aperture so as to emit both horizontal and vertical light. This placement and the light aperture design result in a lateral light distribution covering an angle of more than 180°. The fixture thereby illuminates itself, and contributes to the total light experience as a visual element. Its extremely simple and functional design means the bollard can be used in almost any...