Dedon introduces THE OTHERS, a new lantern collection by Stephen Burks

Dedon presents THE OTHERS, an anthropomorphic lantern collection that ventures into decorative art. Playful, colourful, sculptural and sophisticated, THE OTHERS consists of a variety of hand-woven lanterns that, presented individually or arranged in totem-like stacks, take on the appearance of illuminated characters. Pairs of hand-made acrylic eyes, available as accessories, gaze back at the viewer with humor, curiosity and even a little mischief.

According to the concept of the influential American designer Stephen Burks, whose work frequently touches on the meaning of handicraft and the humanity of those who create it, the collection began as an exploration into abstract figurative design.“I imagined a colourful community of dreamers, full of personality, gazing back at the rest of the world with ambition, sophistication and pride. They appeared to me almost like ambassadors or guides into our imagination.”

DEDON, which has partnered with Burks on such original, award-winning collections as DALA and AHNDA, was so inspired by the one-off project proposed to put THE OTHERS into production. “My relationship with DEDON makes me free to explore ideas outside of the traditional briefs,” Burks explains, “and this is what I think makes the company so iconic.” (via