Pérgula bioclimática com lâminas 180 da marca Italiana Studio66

BLADE 180 is a bioclimatic coverage to complete watertight. Unique on the market to have smooth side surfaces. This feature prevents any residues of foliage get stuck between the blades and fall on furniture below in case of opening. The orientation of the lamellae varies from 0 ° to 135 ° allowing a pleasant ventilation in the summer months and a good brightness in the gray days. BLADE 180 can be installed within an aluminum structure, perfectly horizontal steel or wood, keeping internal inclination of 0.5% lamellae, not externally perceptible, but necessary to the flow of water. On request it is possible to provide the Blade system without bearing perimeter structure. All covers can be integrated with lighting systems Led lights or bars, side glass closures, curtains and any air conditioning systems.

blade dimensions:

180 x 30 mm

maximum dimensions single module:

lenght and depth:

3,5 x 6 meters


from 0° to 135°


about 20 Kg/mq


0,5 %


motorized system with push button or remote control

COLOUR (powder coating):

Color RAL standard 9016-9010 (white) 9001 (creamy white), 1013 (ivory) e 7035 (light gray).

Other Ral colors available on request


Assembly within the internal part of the support structure


Powder-coated aluminum with phosphochromate on request treatment anti-salt (Seaside). Stainless steel and silicone seals


Rain sensor

Radio frequency remote control