Video Lightscapes

Lightscapes trailer from Peter H. Chang on Vimeo.

Akira Hasegawa's Digital Kakejiku (Digital Hanging Scroll) - D-K Live - is an art form that uses light, color, and pattern to create visual masterpieces. With either natural landscapes or an interesting architectural structure as his canvas, the renowned Japanese artist projects large-scale, abstract-painting-like images that create stunning “lightscapes” which slowly transform every second.

Using his own proprietary software to interpret cosmic noise originating outside the Earth’s atmosphere, Akira’s D-K Live installations translate this into a series of dynamic, full color images which are projected at 30 frames per second. The combined scale and subtle transformations of these lightscapes are perceived by the eye in a manner similar to watching a beautiful sunset or a slowly moving group of clouds on the horizon.

Over the last several years, Akira’s D-K Live installations have been seen by hundreds of thousands of people at nearly 100 different locations around the world, ranging from sacred landscapes and both modern and traditional buildings in his native Japan, to the slopes of the ancient Acropolis in Greece and the heart of modern technology in Silicon Valley.

This was filmed at Japan's most sacred Shinto site, The Grand Ise Shrine, on November 3rd, as part of re-dedication ceremonies for Uji Bridge (rebuilt in 20 years cycles, starting 1,300 years ago), which coincided with "Bunka no hi", the holiday that celebrates Culture & the Arts. 250,000 people watched!

Akira Hasegawa:
"The name of my art is the Digital Kakejiku project, or D-K. By its nature, D-K is neither exclusive nor final. D-K is not mine. It is ours. It enriches us as human beings without differentiating between our names, ages, races and ways of thinking. D-K transcends time and space."

Time lapse photography was captured on two Canon 5D Mark II's and a Canon 7D by Peter H. Chang. Real-time video was captured on the Red One by Paul Leeming. Canon lenses used for both. Music by AJA and Palmecho. Produced by Peter H. Chang (Cinefugue) and Christopher Frey (Cross Media International).