Countdown 2010

Ten things we can all do to make a difference!

·         Take public transportation, bike, walk, or carpool to work at least one day a week. Avoid air travel where possible.


·         Buy food, preferably organic food—vegetables, fruits, dairy, eggs, and meat—from a farmer’s market at least one day a week.


·         Eat sustainably harvested seafood and farmed fish that is herbivorous, like catfish, tilapia, and shellfish. Avoid farmed carnivorous fish like salmon and shrimp.


·         Install at least one compact fluorescent light bulb in your home—it will save roughly 30 EUR in electricity and replacement bulb costs each year, and reduce carbon emissions by a ton every three years.


·         Turn off lights in empty rooms.


·         Lower the thermostat by at least 1 degree ° C in winter.


·         Stop using herbicides and pesticides on your lawn.


·         Only drink wines with natural cork stoppers.


·         Tell everyone what you are doing to conserve biodiversity and ask them to join you. Support representatives who act for biodiversity.


·         Above all, do not waste—reduce your consumption, buy only what you really need, and re-use and re-cycle whatever and whenever you can. 

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